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About Me


We are Lynnete Pagatpatan and Arturo (Art) Pagatpatan.

We have been in the company Unified Products and Services Incorporated since August 2011 even before it was launched. Unified Products and Services Incorporated was launched November 11, 2011.

We are one of the Top and Best Team Leader and Coach of the company. WE ARE TEAM LEADER BUILDER!

Ever since we joined UPS, we are always in the TOP 5 Leaders of the company. We are a CONSISTENT LEADER and TOP PERFORMER in the company.

How do we become a Top Leader in the company?

We always believed that helping our members to become leaderS, helping our members to build their own team, we are also helping ourselves!

Naniniwala kami, na kapag tinuruan namin ang aming members paano ang tamang pagnenegosyo, paano maging leaders, tinutulungan din namin ang aming sarili!


We are also a member of Brother Bo Sanchez TrulyRich Club.

We are committed and believed in the mission and vision of the company and the company President & CEO.

As a token of our appreciation for visiting this page, we are giving you a F.R.E.E. E-BOOK from TrulyRichClub of Brother Bo. Sanchez. Simply click the link beside this – http://artlynn_pagatpatan.trulyrichclub.com/


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