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How to Join


1) Fill up and sign the Application and Waiver form or we can fill up the application for you if you cannot come to our office or for meet up.

2) Buy the Global Dealer Package = Php14998

     This will come with the following information that will be needed for your registration

       A. Registration code and PIN

       B. AR Tracking Number

3) TWO (2) Valid Government Issued ID

4) Active Mobile number and email address

 I highly recommend that we meet in my office so you can attend the orientation and training seminar.

But if you have no time for meet up or it is not possible for you to do so, then you can purchase the package by paying through bank. Please deposit to the BDO savings bank account of UPS.

Banco De Oro (BDO) 

Account Number: 00397-0103-244

Account Name: GPRS-Unified Products and Services, Inc.

Branch: Cubao Gateway Araneta

 After your payment deposit, send to me the scanned copy or picture of the bank deposit slip

Make sure the following details are clear or part of the picture:

1. Bank branch where the deposit was made

2. The exact amount of deposit

3. Date & exact time of deposit

4. Bank Deposit Slip Reference Number


By sending me the copy of your bank deposits/payments, you voluntarily agree (on your own free-will ) to join under my team and be registered directly under me, and that I will be your sponsor.


A SPONSOR is a UPS registered Dealer Member, the person who introduce you to the business or from whom you got the information from, or to WHOM YOU WOULD WANT TO JOIN.
In this case, I will be your sponsor and contact person. I am known in the office as Dra. Lynnete Pagatpatan.  Yes, I am a medical doctor, and I am also a UPS registered dealer and franchisee of 2 Ecash PayCenter and ECash HUB.
To be a UPS registered dealer, you need a sponsor. I can help you with your registration.
The best way would be, you, doing it on your own and me as your guide. The reason for you doing it on your own, is for security reason, because you need to input a Username and password and it would be best that only you know of these details.
Sometimes, I do it for others if they can’t get the instructions and keep repeating errors and if registration is not successful. But, we highly recommend thst the password must be changed immediately. But we have members who could register by themselves, we just gave them the necessary codes and some TIPS on how to complete their registration. Good thing there is another security feature, a link will be sent to your registered email that will activate the device(laptop, desktop or cellphone) and you have to option to activate.
For registration purposes, the following information are also needed:
 1. Photocopy or a scanned copy of your any valid government issued ID like SSS, TIN, Passport, Philhealth ID, or voter’s ID….. etc.
 2. Your Personal Information:
    2.1. Complete name
    2.2. Birthday
    2.3. Philippines mobile phone number
           Part of registration there is the verification of the mobile number. A text message will be sent to the number registered
           containing a 4 digit verification code
    2.4. Active Email Address
            Part of registration there is the verification of the email address. An email will be sent to the
            Email address being registered containing a 4 digit verification code
     2.5. Mailing address with Zip code
     2.6. Mother’s maiden name
3. We also need the complete name of your beneficiary for the accident insurance.

Unified Products and Services Main Office Official Web Site Outlet Negosyo Business Franchising Mandaluyong City Quezon Pasay Pasig Makati Antipolo Online Home Based Philippine

Unified Products and Services Main Office Official Web Site Outlet Negosyo Business Franchising Mandaluyong City Quezon Pasay Pasig Makati Antipolo Online Home Based Philippine

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