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securities exchange commission scam negosyo business franchise Philippines

Securities and Exchange Commission Advisory

SEC Advisory
Mandaluyong City
17 May 2013
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) received a report that a
group of persons has been recruiting students from the Negros Oriental State
University in Dumaguete City to join “JustBeenPaid”, an on-line activity that
could be a possible investment scam.
The students are allegedly enticed to initially invest P950.00 with a
guaranteed earning between 10% to 20% percent of the initial investment per day,
and to join a profit clicking activity by liking a certain page three times a day.
As a precautionary measure, the public is advised to exercise due diligence
before investing in a risky business venture. Investigate and check the personal
background of the people behind the scheme. Consider the value of the goods or
products offered and whether there are real goods and sales involved in the deal.
If the income depends on the number of recruits to the program, don’t invest, as it
is likely a pyramiding scam bound to collapse.
For more information, you may inquire from the Corporation and Finance
Department of the SEC with telephone numbers 584-61-03 or 584-59-50.

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